Ceratec VITA III (black/gold)

- Активный сабвуфер (10"/250 мм,  30 кг)
артикул: BN16627
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Vita III is a very compact active subwoofer. Thanks to built-in electronic crossover-network it radiates only the deepest frequency which cannot be located by human ear. Therefore Vita III can be placed anywhere in the room. It ideally supplements front and rear speakers, as well as the centre speaker. Like all Ceratec products, its peculiarity is high-quality processing in various surface varnishes.
Vita III develops acoustic qualities thanks to sophisticated driver system and down fire bass reflex system. Concentration on a certain frequency range results in extremely powerful and exact reproduction of the deepest range between 18 and 250 Hz. Vita III is driven by a Hypex digital amplifier with up to 400 watts power output.
Volume and x-over frequency can be changed with infinite variations to tune the subwoofer optimally to the premises, to other speakers, as well as to individual acoustic taste. A blue LED indicates trouble-free operation. Finally, components made for Ceratec guarantee excellent sound in spite of compact housing.

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