Sunfire TS-EQ10

- Активный сабвуфер (2х10"/250 мм)
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Ebonized Rosewood
артикул: AT21420
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In 1996 Sunfire created quite a commotion – and a new speaker category. This high output, small form factor sub started with a dream – and a warning. Bob Carver was looking for his next mousetrap to redesign, but polite nudging from his wife about the A/V gear in the living room provided just the incentive he needed. Starting with a no-compromise design philosophy – and a powerful, yet compact Tracking Downconverter power supply – the original True Subwoofer was born.

Now in its 5th generation, the True Sub produces incredible amounts of bass from a miniscule 11.5" cube. The high-pressure, High Back-emf design and Tracking Downconverter™ power supply produce stunningly high levels of deep and musically accurate bass and maintain its amazing cool while doing it. What’s more, the True Sub EQ’s compact size makes it small enough to fit into practically any music or theater system you might be designing.
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