Genelec 5041A

- Встраиваемый сабвуфер (2x6.5" / 165 mm, 15 Kg)
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Genelec 5041A Active In-Wall Subwoofer
The Genelec 5041A is a dedicated Active In-Wall subwoofer designed to complement Genelec AIW25 Active In-Wall and Genelec AIC25 Active In-Ceiling loudspeakers. When the 5041A is installed, all that can be seen of it is a discreet small metal grille on the wall, but its powerful and dynamic bass response will leave no doubt about the presence of a high quality subwoofer. The 5041A extends the system’s bass response down to 35 Hz with an upper cut-off frequency of 95 Hz.

The 5041A features two 6.5” loudspeaker drivers in a very slim (depth 82 mm / 3 1/4”) MDF enclosure and a separate 4U RAM3 amplifier unit that can be installed in an equipment rack using the optional RM2 Rack Mount Kit. The RAM3 shares the same dimensions as the RAM2 amplifier that powers the AIW25 and AIC25 models so one RM2 can take up to eight of these amplifiers.

The 5041A subwoofer enclosure mounting system uses adjustable brackets and rubber springs to isolate the enclosure from the wall structure. Thanks to this flexible mounting, no vibration is transmitted to the sheetrock or other parts of the wall even at high playback levels.

A stealthy combination of one 5041A and five AIW25’s can create a wonderfully dynamic and detailed soundstage for small listening rooms.

Genelec 5041a

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