LiteTouch Scenario

- Модули управления светом
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артикул: AT12616
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артикул: AT12462
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Модули управления освещением. Питание 220 В.
12616 - litetouch scenario (08-8302-v8) no engraving
12462 - litetouch scenario (08-8302-w9) no engraving

LiteTouch Scenario the Self-contained Single-room Lighting Control System

Precise lighting control right where you need it.
The LiteTouch Scenario is equipped with a powerful yet easy-to-use microprocessor. LiteTouch Scenario is capable of controlling four individual series of lighting loads which can be combined to create four preset scenes. With state-of-the-art technology and flawless engineering the LiteTouch Scenario allows “on/off” control and “dimming” all from the same button.

High-powered dimming is a snap with Scenario.
Each LiteTouch Scenario can accommodate up to 1920 watts, with a maximum of 800 watts per channel.

Multiple Scenarios create a mini-system for townhomes, condos, yachts.
Up to 16 LiteTouch Scenarios can be connected in different locations to create a mini system, providing control from any of the interconnected Scenario control panels, for any combination of lights – even control of lighting in different rooms.
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