Vutec Vision XWF 110" (Soundscreen)

- Экран на раме110" 16:9
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артикул: AT19464
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Экран VISION XWF (01-XWF054096)в широкой многопрофильной бархатной раме шириной 8 см чёрного цвета бескомпромисного качества. Абсолютно плоское состояние полотна, белое поле (ВхШ) 137 x 243 см  и надёжное его крепление к раме с помощью ленты Velcro. Прочный лёгкий алюминевый корпус с настенным крепежом в комплекте.
vutec vision xwF 110 BRITEWHITE OPAQUE VELVET FRAME (19830)

High-Definition Wall Screen
SilverStar™ XWF is Vutec’s patented front projection wide-beveled frame screen that delivers the ultimate in picture quality featuring maximum detail, vivid color, higher contrast and a 180 degree viewing area. It is truly the high definition screen.

SilverStar XWF’s superior performance derives from its innovative, patented technology—a silver base material combined with multiple optical layers to provide a gain of 6.0. This increases color saturation while increasing contrast in either controlled or uncontrolled light.

SilverStar XWF is custom made and can be multi-plexed to form large theater sized screens to suit any requirement. SilverStar’s versatility is virtually limitless, making it the ideal HD screen for home theater systems, retail displays, command and control, religious and educational venues.
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