Clearaudio Master Reference

- Проигрыватель виниловых пластинок
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Black Acryl base for tt3
артикул: AT20198
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Master Reference AMG Wood with base for SOUTER master tq-i

Don't just look, let your eyes dream.
Don't just listen, let the passion seduce you.

Visual beauty and state-of-the-art engineering combine to reveal the top echelon of music reproduction through an audiophile instrument of the highest art.

We named it the MASTER REFERENCE.

We were the first manufacturer worldwide to eliminate the negative effects of asymmetric force from the motor drive system acting upon the platter. We call it side-force-free belt drive.
Within this outstanding design and you will find engineering worthy of a jeweller.

· Resonance-eliminating-chassis construction and geometry
· 3 separately housed motor drive units
· 3 independent belts
· Precision machined, massive tonearm mounting plates
· Hand-polished inverted bearing with a diamond polished ceramic ball
· Massive stainless steel decoupling bases

No frills, no compromises, our way undoubtedly achieves the undisturbed reproduction of the fine and sensitive information coming from vinyl. Always striving towards perfection and to improve upon our best we designed the ACCURATE POWER GENERATOR to eliminate noisy spikes and regenerate a perfectly stable and pure mains voltage.
No degradation from beginning to end guarantees never before heard detail, depth in imaging and neutrality. This is our message to you, and to the world, of our standard of music reproduction.

We are in love with music and that is why we designed the MASTER REFERENCE.
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