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Mounting Brackets and Spacers
To complete the our line of structural style loudspeakers, THIEL offers mounting brackets for each of the models.

Mounting brackets, while not required for installation, are recommended to enable the installer to mount the speaker to the structure of the wall rather than drywall, and thus ensure optimum performance of the loudspeaker by reducing the amount of vibration. Mounting brackets can be installed prior to hanging drywall, so they're ideal for pre-construction. The increase in sound quality is not subtle, and we very highly recommend the use of these mounting brackets when possible. Mounting brackets are available in single units for the PowerPoint 1.2, PowerPlane 1.2 (vertical and horizontal), and HigherPlane 1.2 (16" or 24").

ViewPoint spacers, sold in sets of 2, are available from THIEL to ensure a virtually seamless fit for ViewPoint loudspeakers to flat panel, wall-mounted video displays, bridging any gap created by the constrains of installation. Spacers ensure proper acoustic performance and a clean aesthetic for flat panel mounting depths between 5.5 and 8 inches. Spacers mount to the inside edge of each ViewPoint, and the ViewPoint still mounts to the wall. Since it's important for ViewPoints to be mounted directly to the wall, spacers do not change the mounting depth of the speakers, rather, they increase the distance between the speakers and the edge of the display. The angle of the spacer is the same 30 degree angle as The ViewPoint baffle to provide a seamless, attractive look.
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