Thiel HigherPlane 1.2

- 2-х полосная встраиваемая АС
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артикул: AT14208
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High performance, in-ceiling version of the in-wall PowerPoint and award-winning PowerPlane offers a much higher level of resolution and realism than found in conventional in-ceiling loudspeakers.

- High performance choice when space is a factor
- Coaxial/Coplanar driver mounting insures accurate, natural sound regardless of speaker placement or listener location
- Completely time and phase coherent for greater realism
- Specially designed, ultra-low distortion woofer and tweeter
- Self-enclosed, rigid aluminum cabinet reduces unwanted vibration for greater clarity
- 2-way driver system employs very low distortion, short coil, long-gap motor systems, very rigid aluminum diaphrams, and powerful magnets for superior reproduction
- Provides great realism for both music and movies
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2-х полосная встраиваемая АС
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