Straight Wire Maestro II IC

- Аудио кабель RCA
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артикул: AT13261
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Straight Wire Maestro II - межблочный стерео кабель

For Dolby Digital Receivers, separate power/pre amp systems, D/A outputs, better DVD & DSS units, and high quality integrated amps & tube electronics.

Level 3 cables by Straight Wire offer unique benefits such as:
Copper strands that are individually polymer coated during extrusion to minimize corrosive effects of air and moisture. 
Advanced fabric braids to control resonances and reduce microphonics. All electrical and mechanical parameters have been optimized in our laboratory for real-life performance in your home.

Maestro II, the reference coated copper cable, opens the door to unsurpassed resolution. Supermicroporus Foam Teflon insulation exhibits extraordinary bass tonality with effortless dynamics. Level 4 research and technology abound in this highly evolved, award-winning design. Interfaces highly neutral components synergistically. Available in twin symmetrical coaxial version, BMI specifically designed for balanced use. XLR (balanced termination available).
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Стерео кабель RCA
Аудио кабель RCA
Стерео кабель RCA
Межкомпонентный кабель RCA
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