Straight Wire Harmony II IC (YMFF)

- Аудио кабель RCA
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артикул: AT18095
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Level 1 interconnects feature:
Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) for accurate signal transfer 
Foam Polyethylene / Polypropylene insulation presents details more clearly 
High Coverage Dual Braid and Foil Shields block external noise and interference 
Gold Plugs connected with Silver Solder for maximum signal transfer 

Harmony improves the performance of receivers, CD players, VCRs, cassette decks and home theater components. Its dual shields and high quality insulation block out annoying hum and background noise. Harmony's beveled gold connectors and low resistance conductors deliver more signal and more music.

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Аудио кабель RCA
Стерео кабель RCA
Межкомпонентный кабель RCA
Стерео кабель RCA
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