Straight Wire Crescendo II SC

- Акустический кабель
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12 ft large spades
артикул: AT20854
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6 ft large spades
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8 ft bw banana
артикул: AT14068
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Crescendo II speaker cable offers technical and sonic advances the over the highly acclaimed original version. The inner core has seven equal diameter TPR hollow tubes vs. one large PE tube. This allows for greater flexibility and lower mechanical resonances. The (12) large conductive groups have modified Dual insulation of soft" Foam PTFE and "hard" Foam Polypropylene. Conductor group resistance remained the same while compression was modified.

Crescendo speaker cable was the first Compressed Conductor Technology (CCT) design produced by Straight Wire. This design combines the best attributes of solid-core and stranded conductor technology. Extreme care was given to the degree of conductor compression and pressure of the Foam Polypropylene insulation.

Crescendo II provides mechanical and electrical advancements beyond original Crescendo speaker cable. Lifelike preservation of low level details coupled with unmatched dynamics and detail are easy to discern with this cable. It synergizes reference caliber components to provide captivating performances.

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Акустический кабель
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