Straight Wire ConX Sub

- Кабель для сабвуфера (RCA-2RCA)
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Subwoofer interconnects provide low level signals to powered subwoofers (those with built-in amps). They are primarily connected to the LFE outputs of AV receivers or preamps with a single or double connection at the load end. Check with a knowledgeable AV specialist about the benefits of a double connection based upon the design of your subwoofer(s).

A few subwoofers are designed to connect to full range left/right outputs of the preamp (if available) for better performance with a full range signal. Be cautious in using a Y cable at the source and long subwoofer runs which may degrade the preamp output quality to the main amplifier channels.

Some subwoofers are designed to perform better with high level inputs via speaker cable from external amplifiers. If you do not have a knowledgeable AV advisor – please contact us to help you select the best subwoofer cable for your system.

These cables all share an advanced Star Quad geometry with various insulations and conductors. All Straight Wire subwoofer cables are terminated in standard format for low resistance and even shield noise distribution. They can be terminated in balanced format (XLR) and in a single ended shield connection upon request. 

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