Mark Levinson №533H

- 3-канальный усилитель
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артикул: AT20018
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The No 533H shares the same basic amplifier module as the No 531H and No532H but is a semi-monoblock design. With power supplies that can be shared across multiple channels, this design lends itself well to multi-channel environments where one channel might need more power at times than others. All other features of the No 533H are identical to the No 531H and No532H and the common design creates a consistent sonic signature for use in multiple amplifier system configurations.
The four amplifiers in the No500H Series are the definition of truly outstanding performance in their respective categories. Drawing from the Mark Levinson heritage, while utilizing a new, straightforward, balanced, current-feedback design creates a new series of amplifiers that must be listened to in order to be fully appreciated. The final result is impressive even for the Mark Levinson high standard of excellence.

Main Features:
- Reliable, high-power in four different channel configurations provide ideal solutions for any system
- Isolated chassis and signal grounds minimize noise, optimizing detail, even at low listening levels
- Fully-differential circuitry with both balanced XLR and single-ended RCA inputs
- Ethernet and 12V trigger control capability for system integration
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