Monitor Audio CP Bronze inWall

- Встраиваемая АС 6,5"
артикул: BN17362
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Our Bronze Reference CP in-wall speakers are designed for ultra-discreet custom installations which remove the need for floor or stand mount speakers altogether. If you place a high value on space, style and décor but would rather not compromise sound quality, the BR CP speakers offer the same driver technologies as the Bronze Reference range in a back-box design, which flush mounts in the wall for a seamless blend with decor. Unlike many in-wall speakers, they provide a dedicated enclosure for the drivers, allowing a superior full-range performance, which is closer to that of their conventional Bronze Reference counterparts. The BR CP speakers will liberate living space and lend a sophisticated wire-free look to any room. By sharing driver technologies with our Bronze Reference speakers, they offer the additional flexibility to mix and match systems of floor, stand and in-wall speakers for the perfect combination of sound quality and style anywhere in the home.

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