MK Sound 950F

- Напольная колонка (120 x 17.8 x 21.0 cm, 20 kg)
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By popular demand, MK Sound now offers the 950F, a full-size, floorstanding version of the 950 monitor that retains all the power and glory of the 950 in a slimline, independent enclosure, 122 cm (48″) in height. While particularly attractive as a no-holds barred two-channel music solution, MK Sound 950F is also up to the task of rendering demanding modern movie soundtracks with abundant verve and vitality.

In partnership with any MK Sound subwoofer, the sealed 950F enclosure ensures ideal integration across the full musical spectrum. A powerful speaker of deceptively modest stature, the MK Sound 950F offers superb sound quality with a minimal footprint in any living space. At virtually any listening position, the audience will experience superior three-dimensional imaging and clarity for remarkable sonic realism.

When the original MK Sound 950 compact loudspeaker appeared in 2010, it was immediately lauded with high praise from all quarters. Expectations naturally ran high for a system of such distinguished pedigree, slotted to fit in the MK Sound range between the acclaimed 750 THX Select system and the legendary 150 THX Ultra system. Now, MK Sound 950F system draws heavily on technologies and components created for its famed professional and domestic siblings, while sporting its own distinctive metal mesh grilles for an attractive, upscale designer feel that blends well with contemporary and traditional environments.

MK Sound 950F is designed from the ground up as an integral system for extreme realism and three-dimensional holographic imaging in collaboration with any MK Sound subwoofer. To achieve these objectives, it employs identical, dual 5.25″ polypropylene woofers, integrated with the groundbreaking MK Sound Pro tweeter via the exclusive MK Sound Phase Focused crossover. Unlike other crossover designs that are optimized only for a narrow and shallow “sweet spot”, proprietary MK Sound Phase Focused crossovers deliver razor-sharp imaging and flat frequency response over a very wide listening area by optimizing system performance in both the vertical and horizontal planes.

The exceptionally fast and accurate, open-back, custom designed MK Sound high frequency drive unit employed in the 950F system continues the MK Sound legacy of high frequency transparency and focus through classic MK Sound innovation and attention to detail to eliminate high frequency smearing and phase/combing anomalies. The result is a breakthrough level of high frequency performance.

The heavy, curved metal grilles are acoustically inert and are held in place with magnets concealed in the front baffle. This design eliminates the annoying buzz or rattle that typically occurs when other brands dress up their products with cheap, lightweight, plug-in metal or plastic fronts. The MK Sound 950F system offers contemporary visual appeal at no sacrifice in audio performance.
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