Hegel P4A mk2

- Предварительный усилитель
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P4A mk2 High End Reference Pre Amplifier.
The P4A is using a digitally controlled volume attenuator. It is also using new line gain stages and output line driver stages. This will give the listener improved  pinpointing of instruments, smoother mid range and treble.
The brains of the outfit, the HEGEL® P4A mk2 collects the signals from any connected input source and delivers it without adding or subtracting, using the highest quality reference amplifying stages.
The P4A mk2 is extremely user friendly and require no prior experience with advanced music systems or similar products. Its has only three buttons: A button for selecting music source, an On/Off button and a motorised volume control.
Like the other HEGEL components, it is easily operated with the included HEGEL® RC2 remote control in solid aluminium. Input source, volume and mute can all be controlled with the included RC2 remote control. The RC2 system remote control will also control all other HEGEL® products.
The P4A mk2 can be connected to most music sources like a CD-player, SACD-player, BluRay-player, Music streamers, tuner, video-player or a TV-set.
P4A mk2 is using true balanced internal signal processing, and has got both unbalanced and balanced inputs and outputs.

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