Hegel CDP2A mk2

- CD-проигрыватель (430х80х290 мм, 10 кг)
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CDP2A mk2 High-End CD player.
The entry level Hegel CD-player is fully based upon the core design of our reference CDP4A mk2, mainting many of the qualities of its bigger brother.
CDP2A mk2 has a high quality CD-Drive mechanism is designed in house by Hegel. This is the same drive as the one you can find in the CDP4A mk2.
No other CD player in this price range can match HEGEL CDP2A mk2 when it comes to reproduce the analog music experience that is recorded on a CD. On its advanced surface mounted audio circuit board, the player has multilevel 24-bit 192kHz converters for a true balanced signal conversion, in addition to HEGEL's proprietary analog stages. The CDP2A mk2 is also using the Hegel master clock circuit with an extremely low jitter level.
The left control button does, in addition to being the On/Off button, allow you to navigate between the different tracks on the CD. The right button opens and closes the CD tray, as well as starting and stopping the playback. It is ultimately easy to operate, and fits beautifully with the other HEGEL system components.
CDP2A mk2 has both digital and analog outputs for different types of connectors. The digital output is perfect for use with an external DA-converter like the Hegel HD10.
CDP2A mk2 can be used with any type of music system, but to fully take advantage of HEGEL's revolutionary music reproduction, we recommend that you use our CDP2A mk2 in combination with HEGEL amplifiers and preamplifiers.

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