MK Sound IW-5

- Встраиваемая АС
артикул: AT21148
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The latest addition to the MK Sound Architectural Series is designed to match the acclaimed richly detailed sound reproduction of the MK Sound M Series satellites. IW5 is fitted with a 4” mid-bass drive unit and a compact 1” neodymium dome high frequency driver that are integrated via a high quality crossover network. Spring-loaded terminals with polarity markings make connection an easy operation. The steel front baffle with solid mounting brackets ensures rigid installation.

Supplied with both round and square front grilles that allow the owner to determine the final visual impression of the system, the IW5 is the compact choice for flush-mount speakers that deliver consistent sound quality across large spaces or multiple zones.

The IW-5 is a high performance in-ceiling loudspeaker with two-way array utilizing a 1” coated silk soft-dome tweeter and a 4” polypropylene cone woofer. Drivers are mounted onto a thick steel baffle for rigidity and low-coloration of sound, while also part of a unique “frameless” design which secures flush into the ceiling/wall. Speakers are then covered by a flat, round (or square) paintable wire mesh grille that attaches using extremely powerful magnets. The IW-5 employs a specially developed version of their proprietary Phase-Focused crossover to ensure superb sound quality and dispersion throughout the room regardless of the speaker’s location, and sounds virtually identical to MK Sound’s other high performance loudspeakers.
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