Castle Anniversary

- Полочная АС (165х280x235мм, 5.1 кг)
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lacewood veneer
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The Richmond Anniversary is Castle’s smallest and first loudspeaker to redefine studio monitor sound and furniture quality craftsmanship. It offers exceptionally natural reproduction of musical instruments and voices across all musical genres. Its enhanced dynamics and transient capability bring musical richness and excitement that will have you exploring your entire music collection.

Castle engineers succeed in reducing panel resonance to below audibility by using multi-layer, composite panel materials, a loose fibre weave and bitumen damping pads to absorb internal sound waves. Additional internal bracing ensures that the dynamic capabilities of the drive units are fully realized. Special attention is also paid to the construction of the grille cover. The frame is composed of two different wood materials for added rigidity thereby minimising any form of resonance.

The new Richmond Anniversary employs a 130mm carbon fibre woven bass unit and a polyamide micro-fibre 19mm dome tweeter. The bass driver operates as a pure piston over its pass band and offers a remarkable bandwidth and superb dynamic performance. The tweeter has exceptionally wide bandwidth, with the upper limit of high frequencies extended to well beyond audibility. The use of a simple but thoroughly researched crossover network with Linkwitz-Riley slopes achieves superb linearity over a wide listening angle. Crossover components have core bass inductors, generously oversized air core inductors and Castle’s proprietary, low-loss polypropylene capacitors.

Input to the crossover and drive units is via updated bi-wire terminals which accept bare wires, spade lugs, pins or 4mm plugs allowing your preference of speaker cable connection. Together with the crossover PCB layout, the bi-wire terminals allow full star grounding back to the amplifier for minimal crosstalk between the split frequency sections.

Beautifully veneered in real lacewood, specially chosen by highly experienced Castle cabinet craftsmen, some of whom have specialized in selecting the right veneer for each application for more than 30 years, the new Richmond Anniversary will complement conventional to modern room environments

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