Metz Caleo 37 LED

- 16:9 LCD TV  37“ / 94 cm
артикул: AT20688
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Brilliance is not a question of size
Caleo 37 is the evidence that you do not have to cut back on brilliance and quality with a more compact version. The 37’ (94 cm) display is surrounded by a high-quality two-tone front in aluminium silver with black anodised aluminium side panels and thus does not rank behind the bigger Caleo model regarding elegance. Brilliant technical features like LED technology, 100 Hertz, integrated HDTV tuner and a 500 GB digital recorder grant an exquisite fine tuning to Caleo 37. 

Special charm by thoroughly selected details
The elegant impression of Caleo 37 is owed to the thoroughly selected details. The cabinet appears individually and particularly high-class by the two-tone finishing. The OLED plain text display for indication of time or the current programme provides a special comfort. The stylish appearance is completed by a glass table, rotating by 45 degrees.
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