Vutec Vision XTC 133''

- Моторизованный экран
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артикул: AT16143
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Моторизованный экран 133"  16:9 с самозакрывающейся дверцей
In-Ceiling Flush Mounted Screen with Motorized Trap Door Self-Supported or Tab-Tensioned Surfaces

Vision XTC™, is our finest in-ceiling projection screen, featuring a motorized trap door for dust-free storage with the touch of a button. Whether concealing a screen for a multi-purpose facility or simply for aesthetics, Vision XTC™ answers with a unique mounting solution above the ceiling line. The extruded aluminum housing comes in black or white finishes with built in trim-kit.

Available with Vu-Flex Pro™, Twin-Vu™, BriteWhite Opaque™, PearlBrite™, GreyDove™, SoundScreen™ and Rear-Vu™ screen surfaces.

CinemaScope™ Widescreen 2.35:1 (available 2.40:1) – HDTV 16:9 (available 1.85:1) – Video 4:3

- Features small footprint enclosure
- Automatic trap door providing dust free fabric storage
- Heavy duty aluminum housing with choice of black or white finishes
- Ribbed aluminum 3" roller with FRS™ (Fabric Relief Step)
- Acoustical dampening for silent operation DDR™ (Dual Dampened Roller)
- Threaded rod or EMS™ (Easy Mount System)
- Includes Decora wall switch
- Interfaces with low voltage relay, IR,RF and RS-232 remote controls
- Standard with 12" black leader
- Plenum Rated - flush mount installation suitable for air handling spaces

- Self-supported or tab-tensioned screen surfaces
- Additional leader
- Custom sizes available

Vision XTC meets requirement for fire-resistant and low smokeproducing characteristics suitable for operation in a building’s environmental air space, such as above suspended ceilings, in accordance with Section 300-22 (C) of the national Electric Code, ANSI/NFPA 70, and sections 2-128, 12-010(3) and 12-100 of the Canadian Electric Code, Part 1, CSAC22.1
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