Clearaudio Performance SE

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Black base for SME
артикул: AT20159
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Black MM
артикул: AT19568
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Silver MM
артикул: AT20459
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Only clearaudio offer you the complete - Performance SE - and at a sensational price! With the Performance SE, clearaudio enters a new market area of the very highest quality of fit and forget, easy to use product.

The package is specially created for music lovers who are searching for an unbeatable listening experience, while avoiding compatibility problems or the need for specialist technical help. High quality precision turntables need expertise in matching their component parts, but clearaudio do this at the design stage, ensuring that this combination always leads to highly addictive listening sessions.

The Performance SE package consists of:
+ Satisfy-Carbon-Tonearm
+ Maestro - MM cartridge
+ CMB - Magnetic bearing
+ Performance SE - Turntable
= the complete Performance SE
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