Straight Wire Expressivo SC

- Колоночный кабель banana->banana
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10 ft
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Expressivo Grande speaker cable is composed of 6 (CCT)  positive "air suspended" conductors at 15AWG of OFHC Copper around a non-conductive, low resonant core. Multiple low dielectric insulations are employed to optimize mechanical and electrical performance. This ULTRA low resistance speaker cable utilizes dual opposing spiral shields for the negative conductor path(s) and familiar Straight Wire anti-static micro-fiber braid.

The cable is custom jacketed with a durable mesh (various color options at no up-charge) rather than the Straight Wire traditional clear jacket. This preserves the micro-details throughout the audible spectrum for clear and effortless presentations. Critical enthusiasts should audition this cable together with Serenade SC to find the ideal compliment for their high level system(s).

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Акустический кабель banana->banana
Акустический кабель banana->banana
Акустический кабель banana->banana
Акустический кабель
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