Vutec Vision XL

- Моторизованный экран 323см 16:9
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PearlBrite 3.1
артикул: AT19518
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Моторизованный экран с самозакрывающейся дверцей
Motorized Wall / Ceiling Mount Screen Self-Supported or Tab-Tensioned Surfaces

Vision XL1™ is the ONLY Trap Door/Wall/Ceiling Mount screen in the Industry that provides dust-free screen storage. XL1’s profile and décor matching front channel enable an unobtrusive presence. XL1 features an EMS™ (Easy Mount System) within a distinctive curved extruded aluminum housing in white or black finish. Available with Vu-Flex Pro™, Twin-Vu™, BriteWhite Opaque™, PearlBrite™, GreyDove™, SoundScreen™ and Rear-Vu™ screen surfaces.

CinemaScope™ Widescreen 2.35:1 (available 2.40:1) – HDTV 16:9 (available 1.85:1) – Video 4:3

- Elegant curved housing
- Automatic trap door providing dust free fabric storage
- Heavy duty aluminum housing with choice of black or white finishes
- Ribbed aluminum 3" roller with FRS™ (Fabric Relief Step)
- Acoustical dampening for silent operation DDR™ (Dual Dampened Roller)
- EMS™ (Easy Mount System)
- Includes Decora wall switch
- Interfaces with low voltage relay, IR,RF or RS-232 remote controls
- Standard with 12" black leader 

- Self-supported or tab-tensioned screen surfaces
- Additional leader
- Custom sizes available
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