Transparent Premium PowerLink

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1.0м IEC male/female 20amp
артикул: AT17206
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1.5м IEC male/female 15amp
артикул: AT17203
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1.5м SHUKO male/IEC female 20amp
артикул: AT17205
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2.0м Euro
артикул: AT20599
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2.5м IEC male/female 15amp
артикул: AT22021
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3.0м IEC male/female 15amp
артикул: AT22020
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Premium PowerLink consists of many OFHC copper strands precision wound together to create a flexible 10-gauge cable capable of carrying all the current required of powerful amplifiers. High coverage pure copper shielding and a foil shield wrap reduce noise. A Transparent filter network reduces more AC line noise. Hefty plugs and sturdy termination deliver power and reliability. Premium PowerLink is the perfect partner for all systems at the premium performance level, and has been developed in concert with Transparent's Ultra, Super and Plus audio cables, Premium video cables, and the PowerIsolator 8 and PowerWave power conditioners. Due to its greater transfer capabilities, Premium PowerLink is a better match with high-current amplifiers than High Performance PowerLink.

Standard termination: 15A grounded USA wall plug > 15A IEC
Optional terminations: 20A grounded USA Wall Plug; 20A IEC; plugs for EU, UK, Indian, Italian, Danish and other electrical systems available.
Standard length: 2 meters
Custom lengths always available.
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