Russound CAS44

- Аудио контроллер -усилитель
артикул: RG13352
нет в наличии
Аудио контроллер/усилитель. 4 источника/4 зоны. 20 Ватт на канал. RS232. Каскадирование до 2 контроллеров. Не работает совместно с CAA66 EU.

Russound® announces the expansion of its controller-amplifier product offerings. For genuine ease, CAS44 includes features not typically found in competitive models at this price point.

Two elegantly designed keypad options are available for one-touch control of home audio components. The KP4 includes 20 labels for personalizing sources, and the KPL offers a LCD panel making multiroom audio control simple and enjoyable. The five-character display shows source name and volume level.
Control the bass, treble, balance, loudness and volume from any keypad in the home. The user can see the audio settings on the KPL display as they are adjusted for ease of use.

Russound has system kits that include all the necessary components for a CAS44 system. For additional cost savings, the kits include a CAS44 controller-amplifier, four keypads (KP4 or KPL), a CAS-RC and two 1545.1 dual emitters. For ease of installation, the controller can be rack mounted (with the provided rack ears). Keypads are available in five different colors and fit perfectly in any Decora® plate.

The new CAS44 offers exceptional value, straightforward operation and adjustable playback for multiroom audio made easy.
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