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Classical Radio for iPod Fans
Comfortable, easy operation without being features overloaded is most likely the best way to describe the product concept behind TEAC's SR-Series models. The SR-2 is the basic model. It is an AM/FM RDS stereo radio with built-in loudspeakers, digital alarm clock, sleep timer and integrated iPod® dock which is also iPhone® compatible. Adapters for older iPod® models are also supplied as standard accessories and the SR-2 remote control will also operate the docked iPod®'s basic functions. A video output is located on the rear panel allowing video signals from an iPod® to be transferred via cable to an external TV panel.

The SR-2 is Apple certified iPhone® compatible. That means an iPhone® does not have to be set to flight mode while the SR-2 is playing music. It also means that the functions incoming phone calls, SMS messages and Bluetooth connectivity can remain active and interrupt music playback when a function is activated. Playback continues automatically when the activity is finished. An AUX input is located on the rear panel. The LCD display panel can be dimmed in several steps and for private listening, a headphone jack is provided.

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