Russound RAVE 1

- Энкодер RNET
артикул: RG13198
нет в наличии
Энкодер RNET AV для систем Multiroom.

The RAVE1 Encoder allows you to play a remote audio-video source through a Russound RNET® or other multiroom system. It connects to the source component and sends audio and video to the multiroom system over a single CAT-5 cable. Depending on the type of source equipment, it also provides either RNET or infrared control of the source.

Using RNET A/V technology, the RAVE1 works with either an RAVD1 Decoder at the system end or a multiroom controller with an RNET A/V input. When used with a Russound Smart source and an RNET multiroom system, it provides RNET control of the source with data display on the system keypads and touchscreens.
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