Vutec Lectric II 144"

- Экран моторизованный 144" 4:3
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Vu-Flex Pro 1.3
артикул: AT19199
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Vutec Lectric II 144" 4:3 Встраиваемый в потолок заподлицо моторизованный  экран (motor 220V) с самозакрывающейся дверцей, корпус белый, стандартное верхнее черное поле 30 см (регулируемое), белое поле (ВхШ) 219 x 293 см

Flush Ceiling Mount Screen with Trap Door / Self-Supported Surfaces
The Lectric II is a new extruded aluminum ceiling flush mount motorized screen; suitable for air handling spaces, designed for use with all self-supported screen surfaces. This design accommodates additional leader lengths and includes a built-in ceiling trim kit and an easy mounting internal sliding bracket system. The Lectric II is the ideal choice for installation up to 180” diagonal. Lectric II also includes a pre-construction option that allows the housing to be installed independently prior to the fabric and motor assembly. This provides for safety and ease of installation for new construction or renovation applications.

Lectric II meets requirement for fire-resistant and low smokeproducing characteristics suitable for operation in a building’s environmental air space, such as above suspended ceilings, in accordance with Section 300-22 (C) of the national Electric Code, ANSI/NFPA 70, and sections 2-128, 12-010(3) and 12-100 of the Canadian Electric Code, Part 1, CSAC22.1.
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