Revel Concerta IC6T2

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Designed for single-speaker stereo applications, the IC6T2 is a 6Ω in-ceiling loudspeaker that employs a high-output, dual voice coil 6-½” (165mm) woofer with dual ¾” (19mm) high-frequency drivers. This unique speaker combination is able to deliver powerful, tight, uncolored low and mid frequencies from its proprietary woofer, while a unique bridge design splays the dual tweeters outward, reducing acoustical interference for clear, uncolored high frequencies and enhanced stereo imaging. The IC6T2 has a bandwidth of 45Hz to 22kHz (-6dB), crossover is 2-way at 2.2kHz and it has a sensitivity of 88dB (both channels driven).

The Concerta™ IC6T2 offers superior sound quality with flexibility for boundary compensation, allowing the speaker to exceed expectations in “real-world” applications, plus a sophisticated tweeter waveguide that results in a smooth transition between the woofer and the tweeter, even well off-axis

Additionally, the IC6T2 in-ceiling and the IW80 in-wall loudspeakers can be combined with Revel’s new Concerta B120 powered subwoofer for a truly dynamic full-range listening experience. The affordable Revel Concerta in-ceiling and in-wall loudspeakers represent the pinnacle in performance and design standards, carrying on the Revel tradition of designing and building the world’s best speakers.

Like all Revel loudspeakers, the Concerta IC6T2 benefits from Revel’s innovative technologies, rigorous engineering standards and comprehensive listening evaluations. Most in-wall/in-ceiling loudspeakers are voiced to be used without their grills; however, the Concerta in-wall and in-ceiling loudspeakers’ tweeters have been designed with a switch for both “grill on” and “grill off” applications. This ensures the speakers are accurately calibrated to provide the highest quality sound (compensating for the effect of the grill being on or off), while allowing the Concerta Series in-wall and in-ceiling loudspeakers to be integrated into the most demanding listening spaces. The low-frequency and high-frequency driver diaphragms are constructed of micro ceramic composite (MCC), a new material created by anodizing both sides of an aluminum core, yielding added strength and stiffness with virtually no additional weight. The speakers also employ Revel’s waveguide technology for consistent sound quality on- and off-axis, while a sophisticated high-order crossover network contributes to a wider dynamic range and lower distortion. In addition, a boundary compensation switch is provided for installations near secondary walls.

The Concerta crossover networks are far more sophisticated than those used by most competitors. Featuring high-order crossover slopes, the Revel Concerta crossovers contribute to a wider dynamic range and lower distortion than lesser loudspeakers. The crossover components are also of a higher standard than those found in most loudspeakers; employing only premium components mounted on rigid FR-4 glass-epoxy composite circuit boards. Air-core and laminated-steel inductors introduce less distortion than their more commonly used iron or ferrite-core counterparts. The film capacitors in the tweeter network exhibit lower parasitic losses than less-expensive electrolytic capacitors. Concerta’s precisely-machined gold-plated terminals better ensure reliable connections.

The Revel Concerta IW65/IW80 in-wall and IC65/IC80/IC6T2 in-ceiling loudspeakers draw upon the same research, resources and unique perspectives that put all Revel loudspeakers in a class by themselves. Revel Concerta Series loudspeakers provide unparalleled value and are known for their standard-setting low coloration and freedom from distortion over an extraordinarily wide dynamic range. The Revel Concerta IW65/IW80 in-wall and IC65/IC80/IC6T2 in ceiling loudspeakers provide audibly superior performance, validated by our state-of-the-art listening facilities, that far outclasses comparable products from our competitors.
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