Rogue Audio Cronus

- Интегральный ламповый стерео усилитель
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артикул: BZ12468
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артикул: BZ12469
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55 Вт x 2. Интегральный ламповый стерео усилитель. Выходные лампы EL34.
(Atlas Power Amp, Metis Preamp, Cronus Integrated)

The Titan series of products presented us with a significant engineering challenge; to create truly high end products at entry level prices. We believe we have succeeded! The Titan series offers outstanding performance and build quality that is accessible to almost anyone with a love for great sounding music. Entirely hand built in the USA, the Titan products are assembled to the same exacting standards as our most expensive amplifiers. Since their introduction last year they have won numerous industry awards only a few of which include
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