Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum

- Интегральный ламповый стерео усилитель
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90 Вт x 2. Интегральный ламповый стерео усилитель с фонокорректором. Выходные лампы KT90.

The "MAGNUM" versions of the Titan series features significant parts upgrades that improve performance in your Atlas, Metis or Cronus in a number of important ways. Increased transparency, greater dynamics, improved bass and high frequency response, as well as a smoother and more refined presentation are all part of the Magnum upgrade.  The extensive power supply mods permit the use of the KT90 power tube which increases the rated output power of the Atlas and Cronus to 90WPC!

Please note that all of our current products other than the Titan series already use Magnum type parts.

The Magnum package consist of the following modifications:
Atlas and Cronus Magnum:
- Larger power supply
- Power supply mods
- Polypropylene bypass capacitors
- Precision Dale-Vishay resistors in critical spots
- Upgraded binding posts
- Gold tube sockets
- Upgraded small signal tubes
- KT90 output tubes
- Magnum logo on faceplate
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