AMX NXD-500i

- Настенная сенсорная панель диагональ 5"
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артикул: AT17900
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Настенная сенсорная панель. Диагональ 5", 16:9. Два встроенных динамика, микрофон. Датчик движения. Интерком VoIP.

The small yet mighty NXD-500i is the latest touch panel to join the intercom enabled family. The NXD-500i is a 5” touch panel that is ultra-thin and compact. It measures only 2 inches deep, making it perfect for buildings with shallower architecture and where space is at a premium. The NXD-500i can be powered over Ethernet and utilizes locking tabs for quick and easy installation.

At just 5 inches in size, the NXD-500i is perfect for wall/flush mount control and intercom usage in a variety of locations such as entryways, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, podiums and other surface mount locations.


    * 16 x 9 widescreen high resolution color display
    * Playback of MP3 and WAV audio files
    * 5” active-matrix display
    * Screen Resolution (HV): 800 x 480 pixels
    * Display colors: 256 K (18-bit color depth)
    * Built-in Speakers (2) and microphone
    * Motion Sensor
    * Light Sensor
    * 128 MB SDRAM / 256 MB Flash memory
    * Built-in full duplex VoIP Intercom
    * PoE Power
    * Dynamic image support
    * Translucent back box
    * Locking tabs for increased mounting options
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