Clearaudio Innovation Compact

- Проигрыватель винила
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Black, with base for Magnify
артикул: AT20577
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Innovation Compact & Innovation Compact Wood
With the turntable Innovation Compact you are entering the new technology class of clearaudio.
This model benefits from the technical features of the Innovation turntable - however in a more compact construction.

The new and innovative OSC motor control mode (OSC = Optical Speed Control) developed by clearaudio, ensures an absolute constant turning speed of the platter and allows a very comfortable speed change. In combination with the patented CMB bearing (CMB = Ceramic Magnetic Bearing) the Innovation Compact turntable achieve the best speed constancy.

Like the Innovation turntable the Innovation Compact comes with similar features, for example fine adjustment of the height to ensure an absolute horizontal position of the turntable. Technical details like a precision CNC machined 70 mm platter made out of POM and an exclusively build decoupled high torque DC motor are standing for the pathbreaking quality features of this turntable.

The two mounting bases enables you the use of two tonearms.
The Innovation Compact is also available in the precious bullet proved Wood – Version – one of the strongest wood combination at all – to minimize resonances.

In every respect of the meaning of music clearaudio avoid the appearance of sound interferences. In case of our new Innovation turntable series through reduced chassis surface in combination with maximum stability.

Lover of lifestyle and functionality get with the new Innovation series from clearaudio a style of the latest technology and timeless beauty.

20577 - Black with base for Magnify (стол с базой под Clearaudio)
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