- 3-полосная встраиваемая акустика
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E92C/E91C 3-Way In-Ceiling Speakers
Home Theaters vary in magnitude and use. The requirements and expense of a surround sound system in the bedroom or playroom are not the same as a home’s main theater room.

Still, there’s no need to sacrifice sound and imaging just because you’re watching a movie in bed. The Elios E92C and E91C were designed to impress the ears and your budget.
Аналогичные товары раздела "Круглые 8-12 дюймов"
Встраиваемая АС (9,24"/234,6мм)
Встраиваемая АС (11,4"/289,6мм)
Встраиваемая AC 3-полосная
Встраиваемая круглая  AC (245 мм; 1,9 кг)
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