Russound PRO-VC 10.1

- Переключатель на 10 пар АС
артикул: RG5086
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Переключатель на 10 пар АС с регулировкой громкости с подачей на них сигнала мощностью 200 Вт/канал.

PRO-VC 10.1
Dual Source 10 Pair Speaker Selector with Volume Control for "Speaker Pair #1"

The PRO-VC 10.1 is a highly efficient dual source, impedance-matching speaker selector. This high quality speaker selector is designed for use with either 4 or 8 ohm speakers and includes a volume control for "Speaker Pair #1" on the front panel. This volume control allows you to set and forget the pre-amplifier/receiver volume and use the volume control on the PRO-VC 10.1 to control the main listening room volume level. The A/B switch located on the front panel allows all your speakers to be driven from either of two amplifiers.
The PRO-VC 10.1 speaker selector is equipped with a low-frequency protection circuit to reduce subsonic signals. This allows higher power operation without amplifier shut-down. Utilizing audio-grade impedance-matching autoformers, the PRO-VC 10.1 is capable of maintaining a safe operating load at the amplifier while distributing maximum power throughout your system. The PRO-VC 10.1 is equipped with a rotary switch, located on the rear panel, which is used to set the appropriate impedance to be seen by your amplifier, based on the number of pair of speakers connected. This switch selects the proper taps of the autoformers, allowing the amplifiers power to be delivered safely to the speakers.
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