Russound UNO-TS2

- Настенная панель управления
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Сенсорная панель управления для мультирум систем на базе контроллеров CAV6.6/CAM6.6. Обеспечивает полнофункциональное управление входящими в систему источниками, а так же тюнером ST2 и мультимедийным сервером SMS3. Размер: 2 Gang.

Russound’s UNO-TS2 Smart Color Touchscreen is a simple-to-use wall-mounted interface packed with friendly features. Practical in any room, it offers complete control of your listening and viewing experience.

The UNO-TS2 is an exciting new way to control a multiroom entertainment system. When used in a Russound RNET® system with a Smart Tuner or Smart Media Server, the UNO-TS2 provides valuable information such as playlist, channel name, artist name, and song title. And it supports custom presets, music themes, and source names for a personal touch.

The UNO-TS2 uses a mix of hard buttons for the most frequent commands and graphical soft keys for content-related functions. The high-resolution LCD panel is easy to read and displays the system’s status in real time, including the source playing, the selected AM/FM radio station or XM channel, and the volume level in the zone it’s controlling.

The UNO-TS2 also provides one-touch access to favorite CDs, DVDs, and MP3 play lists. An integrated IR receiver supports the use of the SRC1 and SRC2 system remotes and other remotes as well.
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