- Настольная зарядная станция для беспроводных сенсорных панелей MVP
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Настольная зарядная станция для беспроводных сенсорных панелей MVP. Магнитный крепеж для удержания панели. Два USB порта для подключения клавиатуры и мыши.

Place the MVP-8400i or MVP-8400 into the Table Top Docking Station and re-charge its batteries while remaining in continuous control. The adjustable station creates just the right viewing angle for any situation. Attach a keyboard and mouse using the docking station's USB ports - a great feature for surfing the Web with the G4 Computer Control application.


    * Electromagnet to secure the touch panel to the MVP-TDS
    * Release pushbutton to disengage the electromagnet and allow removal of the touch panel from the MVP-TDS
    * Two LEDs (through pushbutton) to indicate battery-charging status and communications
    * Two Type A USB ports for keyboard and mouse
    * Power supply jack, 13.5 VDC, 6 mm coaxial male
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