- Модуль управления NetLinx
артикул: AT19027
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Модуль управления NetLinx, 10 управляемых каналов ввода/вывода. Устанавливается в  кардфрэйм NXF

The NXC-I/O10 Input/Output Card provides 10 Input/Output channels and LED feedback. It acts as a logic-level input and responds to switch closures or voltage level (high/low) changes. The Switch (SW) and Voltage (VO) modes are set with on-board jumpers.

Note: The I/Os on this card are not dry closure; they are electronic switches that float at 5V when Off. Therefore, they should not be expected to work in situations that require true dry contact (or dry closure). The I/Os will work with the AMX PC1, PC2, UPC20 and UPC20+.

Ideal for supporting devices in residential or commercial applications requiring logic-level input from switch closures or voltage level changes.


    * 10 Input/Output control channels and front-panel feedback
    * Acts as logic-level switch or input; senses high and low voltage states in voltage mode
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