Esoteric Upgrade Kit for models UX-3

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Плата UX-3SE для мультиформатного плеера Esoteric UX-3Pi

Audio Upgrade Announcement – Available immediately
Upgrade kit for models X-01, UX-1, X-03, UX-3
The ESOTERIC® Division of TEAC America is pleased to announce the availability of upgrade kits for the above referenced models. These upgrade kits include technology updates which transform the player into a designated “Limited” Edition or “SE” (Special Edition) version.
These technology upgrades are optional and incremental to an already outstanding audio video product.
What does the upgrade consist of?
The upgrade includes changing several components and modifying circuits in the DAC and analog output section of the player. These components and circuit changes were selected during the development of the Flagship ESOTERIC P-01/D-01 products.  After hours upon hours of listening tests, we feel the upgraded machines have superior ambiance and ‘presence”. These improvements also allow a more “natural impact” and improved depth of field.
In addition to the circuit and component changes, the unbalanced audio output jacks as well as the digital audio output jacks are upgraded to WBT “NextGen” connectors.  These new connectors offer much higher performance primarily in the elimination of “Eddy currents” and the resultant noise.  These new connectors also allow for true 75 ohm impedance matching from the digital output.
Internal wiring is upgraded to 6N copper class wiring.  This wiring was jointly developed with Mitsubishi Cable Industries and Acro Japan Ltd. (This wiring is 99.999% pure copper).
What does the kit do to the sound I’ll hear?

There are subtle but audible improvements in the “openness” of the audio.  The presence, transparency and ambiance of the source recording become more defined.

What is done mechanically to the player?

Our factory trained technicians will replace components within your player.  These are predominantly capacitors and resistors but also include some hardware changes like pure copper grounding screws. Some of the actual audio wiring is changed and the main wiring harness is upgraded to new 6N copper class. The back panel connectors are changed to WBT-0210Cu RCA style connectors and a gold badge indicating either “Limited” or “SE version” is affixed to the top cover.
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