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DVB-S and DVB-S2 module:
At Metz we have one DVB-S and one DVB-S2 module, with the latter also able to receive High Definition Television (HDTV). Depending on the model, one of the two satellite modules can be retrofitted, converted or integrated.

Foreign TV and radio transmitters can be received using the compact plug-in card. Other encoded stations such as the digital country-specific encoded stations available in Austria and Switzerland can be received with the appropriate smartcards. Furthermore it is possible to playback music in AC3 format (=Dolby Digital), which can be used for connecting a 5.1 surround system by means of an external decoder.
DVB-S and/or DVB-S 2 module - the latter for high definition television.

Digital Program Diversity:
Up to 1600 video and 1000 radio programmes can be selected and stored from the offerings of the non-encoded digital TV and radio broadcasters, in addition to the 225 analogue programme slots.

Because the module is built-in directly, it is completely integrated into the operation of the television set and can be controlled using the available remote control.
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