Clearaudio Balanced Reference

- Референсный фонокорректор
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Silver-G Phonostage Reference - референсный 4-х блочный полностью балансный фонокорректор с раздельными регуляторами выхода.

We designed our Balanced Reference Phonostage to establish a true reference status.
Clearaudio's passion for excellence has kept us going through years of tireless research to realise the full potential of this outstanding component.
The totally separated and massively engineered cases contain the fully symmetrically designed circuit layouts and power supplies. For this flagship product no compromise is made, we use the very best parts currently available, highlighted by stepped attenuated regulation; designed to drive a power amplifier directly in 3dB steps.

You deserve the best, a true Balanced Reference Phonostage:
· Clearaudio non-magnetic MPC RCA-plugs for unbalanced inputs and outputs
· NEUTRIK-XLR connectors for balanced inputs and outputs
· 5-pole BINDER-connectors for balanced inputs
· Adjustable capacitive and impedance loading for perfect cartridge matching
· Pure silver German made 'glimmer-caps'
· Non-magnetic resistors by Vishay and Dale manufactured to Clearaudio

Throughout the conception, development and production of this project we kept reminding ourselves that nothing must be compromised in a true reference standard product.
Second best will not do.

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